The hackneyed topics of “real” FPS

This post is intended at the time where was abandoned the “casual” style of the first FPS, like Doom 1 and 2, Duke Nukem 3D, Rise of the Triad, Blood type 1 and 2…. with boxes like you get items, where doors open by themselves… labyrinth levels, inventories things out “impossible”… etc… and a realistic approach where realism never becomes…

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Information about the Posts: Scheme, form and purpose of the Blog.[Update]

Principal subject matter: There will be criticisms of played video-games recently, or with a alive memory of they, and If has been finished (at least once) all the game. How exception can make advances before of the final post, If have much desire to say something about of the video-game. Finally in this point, the posts will be writen(Optionally but…

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