Information about the Posts: Scheme, form and purpose of the Blog.[Update]

Principal subject matter:

There will be criticisms of played video-games recently, or with a alive memory of they, and If has been finished (at least once) all the game. How exception can make advances before of the final post, If have much desire to say something about of the video-game. Finally in this point, the posts will be writen(Optionally but recommended) in English and Spanish, because the principal purpose of the blog is to practice the write of the English.

Form of the Post of criticisms:

The idea is that they have two parts. The first part like minimum and the second part like optional.

The first part, will be more visceral. It would come to be as if you told a friend like is the whole game, each screen, item or thing that you have liked. Here it is possible to be precise or vague it that it is wanted. The important thing is that you told what is liked to you and what no. When you do not like something, explains because and that you should like to find, contributes creative and exciting ideas. Shares your illusions and your amusement.

The second part is more technical. Here with the technical level that you handle, it might explain since you believe that the game works, since it is constructed.

His innovations of form, design, art, sound. Since takes advantage of the technology. Compare it with another version or part of the game, or of the kind genre that touches.

Secondary subject matter:

In addition they will be able to be done post about general or conceptual topics of the world of the video games. Examples as: Today’s news, Retro, Opinion… Clarify that all these topics will have to be respectful with his creators and if they contain a negative this opinion will have to have a solution or creative offer in the matter. This one is not a “blog of flames” or “pro-company” of the moment or “pro-game” of the moment …. or in his fault any “pro”.

Beginning TO AGREEING TO TAKE PART in any area of the blog:

Opinions share points of view, ideas, premises or similar; With respect and contributing something to the speech. This one is the principal premise.

The commentaries, which do not accept this beginning will be automatically erased, yes erased.

For that friend a thing is a freedom of expression and very different other one is a freedom of calumny or to confuse the possession of the truth with a fist with that to hit to any thing, for it as and said before already there are other blogs.

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