The Far Cry of the Wii also known like: Far Cry Vengeance 2nd Part.

Load Screen and multimedia technical uses:

But let’s continue with the game. We see before us the load screen, in my parent´s flaming LCD: 37 inches and FullHD. Besides, we add a Home-cinema with a Dolby Pro-logic II decoder. Conclusion, it can be seen big and clear, to 480p (route cable for components) and sound 4.1. Here I am expecting to load the game, we see a clean design just the same as the menus. White background and designs with flat colours; the game, while it’s loaded, outlines alternatively in a few lines the characters that you will see in the game and the controls that you will needed. These loads are not too long, we would say approximately 30 or 40 seconds. To say that the presentation of  the characters and the controls change depending on how we advance in the game and the plot, in this way when we know a new villain, we will see some line of information in the loads and as we have new power or these skills will be showed or remembered in the loads. It is something to be grateful for and I personally like it much, because I wasn’t playing it in a very continuous way and  I forgot a bit the mechanic of some buttons.

Beginning of the game, the history and the first moments of control Wii:

With the game is already loaded, finally (some will say), we have a video pre-rendered4* that narrates us the beginning of this Jack Carver’s new history. It goes without saying that at this point, the history is the less important thing, an excuse to cause troubles, nothing more. For the rest well, the video is ended and we see the game moving in the Wii. The first impression: Good it could be worse. We begin captured by the villains and we have to escape of a gambling den and already out before going out we catch “The machete” … hehehe … he was accompanying us as faithful companion of adventures, blows and some death. East works of the way mas intuitive; That you want to cut to someone since you put a machete blow with the control of the Wii and Zas! in the whole face, or neck where you plunder it. Instantaneous death in all the cases less with the bailiffs of the end of the game. Here I have to say that it is necessary to get the knack to aim. It is obtained keeping the view, touching the button A and simultaneously to shake with the WiiMote, is not in the habit of failing this way … now, it if, the most entertaining thing is to do it while we jump, that is the best to see since to go for the villain and to stick a trip ;-).

Critiques and IA:

Something that has been called me powerfully the attention is that in all the critiques or reviews, since it is wanted, they emphasize that the artificial intelligence (aka I.A.) of the enemies in Wii’s version it is very bad or rather, that are silly. A thing this white of egg after the entire game having happened to me, this is uncertain or vague; My theory, it is the following one: all these persons have not passed the game to themselves or have played, as very much two or three islands, which it comes to be a quarter of the game. With the whole respect, it is not possible to affirm categorically that there is no a good IA in the game, if it has not been played the whole game. Hereinafter he will speak mas technically on the IA, only I have to say now, that I have played the Far Cry in PC and in XBOX 360, and the I.A. in Wii is equal, for example: The Snipers are equal of sons of a bitch that in PC and Wii, and the bailiffs, in three versions, when they beat you in the onion by more than three very good times, good-bye. Ah! That forgets me And with little that you do they perceive of your presence and tie you, and we go that they tie you. Said for the average level of difficulty, that it is the one that always I choose for these games.

Level tutorial and the beginning of the game:

We continue with the development of the game. The first island serves us like tutorial and the first plot wide advance where basically they us kidnap the girl of shift and we go after her. The abductors are one military rebels of the archipelago where this game passes. In the level of tutorial, they teach us to jump, to throw things and to shoot, to take weapon … to use the first types of weapon … in short to adapting to the control in the Wii. To emphasize that towards the end of this first level already they start speaking to us about Jack Carver’s power, inherited from the first Far Cry.

Exclusive work of the version, with regard to others:

To say that the version of the Wii possesses two original maps done for his version of the game. They are an airport left of the smugglers and a military base with one oil platform near his coast, are very entertaining and long.

Duration and things that can be done:

The game is generously long, I would say that more than 20 hours of game. With varied situations, from driving of different vehicles, variety of type of objectives … these with a sense inside the history, particularly my I have liked many of them. Now me one comes to the head where you have to destroy a plantation of the smugglers:-) and good more things…

Two players:

The experience was pleasing. I played with my colleague Ildefonso (Called for your best friends: “The Gentleman Ilde “) in Valencia in my visit “express” to the Fallas of Valencia of 2008. To say that we play approximately 3 or 4 games the different modes and the fact that more we like me was the way Predator. We were getting lost a bit, so the levels they are very wide. The details of the level are normal, but the better thing was to feel literally persecuted when other one tape-worm “the power”. The idea was working in a brilliant, but lacking way things to add him to make her more varied. Another mode is entertained but very poorly, so the face-to-face one to two, in so big levels it turns into a nightmare, on having looked for ourselves constant. To say that my colleague is a player of Shooter’s as I (of PC), and he was done with the controls relatively rapidly, though not totally 😉 . We pass it to ourselves in big, in addition with a couple of glasses in the body, laugh a heap 🙂 .

To be continue.

Please help me with my English and do commentaries, if you want ;-)

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