Alone in the Dark (2008) XBOX360 and Wii

Alone_in_the_Dark_5_Wii_cover Alone_in_the_Dark_5_Xbox_360_cover

I remember vividly seeing the trailers of the game like this escalation:

Or the persecution:

Later mechanical with fire. Throwing objects with parable. Puzzles with light and fire. In these short but intense video. I remind them again and again…

Or what I like. The inventory in the jacket and the “primitive” crafting.

The game hooked me. Needless to say the graphics for the time. Shaders galore, great job on textures and designs. Great ideas. And an engine lighting pixels with shadows with a superb finish to the season.

Then they began to get the information and pictures of the Wii version. At that time, it did not have an updated PC let alone a 360 or PS23. Nintendo won my hand and the announcement of Wii Metroid. And that the console had the time. So I set in the Alone in the Dark Wii. And especially since the Wii FPS and hooked me with Red Steel and Far Cry Vengeance. And the movement controls Wiimote and nunchaku in Nintendo fired my imagination. Anything that looked for 360 Wii controls, the version sold me. And the end buying and playing first. I remember it well, I satiate my hunger for what I saw in 360.

But later when the 360 ​​fell evidently fell version. I could replay history and play, and enjoy it as it should. I enjoy even more and even fall in love over this title.

But the big problem of this great idea and great game most of the time, in both versions are the bugs. Some very serious. Making it impossible to continue. Or problems to use a mechanical adjustment in a particular place. In the case of the Wii, it is even more desperate, because the controls end up not function as they should. If inventory is deadly. Often just using the wiimote button, instead pimp gesture to open up the jacket. Here as elsewhere in Wii, another missed opportunity for total immersion with its controls.

Just imagine that now or in a while, you can rescue the idea. Under another name, but it was this IP be cool to put it where it deserves at last. With motion controls of VR goggles, or Occulus Valve. With graphics of now, it would be a complete experience. Where game, atmosphere, dark, immersive, adventure and film are clearly tried or that the French neighbors. With many successes and ambition. But with the lack of finish in conditions.

The soundtrack would be in another league. Seriously, I think it was a soundtrack that context at the time. At least to me. It is Epic, but not typical compositions or instruments. The use of original instruments and chorus is magnificent. Besides the apocalyptic touch, both the game, it is essential to get into the story and the game. Right now as I write, I’m listening and that is milk. I stayed on my playlist forever.

Another issue to analyze and draw conclusions, is history. I love it, it is original. It puts you in the center as it should. But I think the problem you have, is not fully explain all the same Maybe I should. This wasted as I see it. In addition, the last section, is too frustrating. Just because you have a chance to change the fate of the character, you. This all too driven. Perhaps this is where the game in its final stretch loses much. On the Wii, saying that the story about this dismembered. Being one made with bits and reusing version here and there. much of the homogeneity of the older sisters is lost. Yet even in this history as I say, it works 100%. Promises and fire your imagination, but not finished off as needed. A shame really.

I Remember, the end as an empty road. A way to a slaughterhouse. No margin or gameplay. A big game, which are throughout most of the playing much. Doing everything and very cool. And the end remember him as a plop. The climax of a good game or story.

Over time, though at the time, I put it in the draft that seemed a THE GAME. And it is, and I keep thinking. But he did not understand the criticism. Silly me. Blind was, as so often. And the answer I’m giving it now. A mistake that is common, but it is a pity when it happens with big games like this, that 90% of those enjoying the experience, surprising. In the end you have the feeling a “chof”, it kills them. And unfortunately this also happened to him.

As I say hope that Alone in the Dark, reborn from its ashes, he deserves it. This team, Eden, and her child a second chance really deserve. Not at any price.

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