First Person shooters on Wii [EDITED]

The beginning of this post may well be 7 years. I do not remember and I have no record of it.

I started in my previous website inpositivegames in

Today I return to finish it, because I think the essence of what drew me to want to write, has not changed.

I remember when I saw the video presentation for Iwata Wii and moving images of what would be Metroid with the wiimote.

That day was a revolution for me, because I returned to feel what I felt when I saw a gaming first, or my Christmas with my Spectrum, when I get the Megadrive and SNES to my house, when I saw the n64 with Mario, or when landed my first PC 233 MMX … when I had my first modem for Internet or when I bought my Voodoo2 … I can only describe this as the essence of the boy child within. Dreams, illusions, fantasy …

And I get Nintendo. These days however goes quite in the doldrums. I’m more in Linux, PC and STEAM wave. In game development and free software.

But Nintendo managed to point to the screen and start touching things, and hear, was a reality. I still remember when I played Red Steel 1 and hear the charge and throws in the wiimote. How could zoom or target with a precision that neither the mouse ever experienced. The feeling of being inside the game, play it was amazing. But he wanted more. Nintendo opened Pandora’s box. And I wanted more … but I fail.

But my hope, that the potential in my view, does not get to develop Wii. Arrives. Hand in hand with the coming era of VR goggles.

While look back. It has 7 years. When playing Red Steel or Far Cry, my fantasy and imagination take me to see what I’d like to play on a Red Steel 2, which arrived or other possible FPS on Wii.

I remember what he missed most was that true interactivity with the environment. Power “grab” handles, levers and view it on screen. Perhaps the projects that do not allow time for Wii lose money and time to recreate, these interactive animations on the Wii.

Maybe I was tested and it was thought that kept much the pace of the game. Yet I missed them.

Well, I think that immersion in FPS’s all. Of course, I do not think we have to be super realistic. Each game seek his tone. More horny as a Duke Nukem or more “realistic” as a Flaspoint.

The idea is that consistency as reflected in the screen in the real world we operate. And there are not exploited to the full the idea of ​​Wii.

I was much talk at the time. Simple events. In buttons as a gesture rather than look for a “mini-game” or a “mini-interactivity” greatly oversimplifies

But the third partys were not taken seriously the Wii. And Nintendo was and is in other lines and R & D game in their titles.

Red Steel, Far Cry and The Conduit, honestly tried. Even his conversion EA Medal of Honor introduced details of very cool interactivity and a very good line, but with a game and more than cooked.

Red Steel 2, and with the Wii Motion Plus, it was really far. Especially in combat. Not so much in the exploration and interactivity. Reducing much.

Power cut things actually or to have more physical with interactivity, there was real power.

I do not get it that “Red Steel 2” … or that FPS that stayed in my head. But he arrived. I’m sure.

Perhaps as I say, the Wii did not allow for more … and time was on the side of more powerful GPUs. Developers were really focused on exploiting the Shaders. Which they did brilliantly. As in Alone in the Dark, which have yet another entry.

Regards, and hope to continue with these entries that I love.

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